Cave exploration in the Dales

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Fountains Fell
Echo Pot - Far Away in Time
Location F - the story of F.O.U.L Pot

Langstrothdale Chase
Jenga Pot
Lemon Pot
Polystyrene Head Cave
Snipe Cave
Crucification Cave
Water tracing results

The Northern Dales
Askrigg Common
Wensleydale & Mallerstang
Hartley & Nine Standards Rigg
Cross Fell

Knowe Fell
Water tracing on Knowe Fell

Dale Barn Cave
Cave sediment studies

The Yorkshire Dales : God's own country, and in a large part constructed from God's own rock - which contrary to popular belief is not gritstone but limestone.

Picture: Penyghent and Plover Hill from the flanks of Ingleborough, near Trow Gill.

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I have been involved in several digging and exploration projects in the Dales, some of which are documented here. Most of the work has been undertaken with other members of the University of Leeds Speleological Association.

Most of my exploration work has been off the beaten-track - checking out the less frequented locations in the Dales rather than finding extensions in the established systems.


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