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Welcome to the personal web pages of Rob Smallshire. Here you will find a haphazard shifting medley of all things, related to me, my past, present and future. There is no particular order. The only common factor is me.

Potted biography
I was born and grew up in the heart of the industrial Black Country in the English Midlands, and very largely stayed put for the best part of 18 years. Since then I have spent a substantial amount of time (eight years) and an even greater amount of money educating myself in Leeds, Yorkshire before eventually achieving escape velocity and for a relatively short sub-orbital hop north of the border into the wilds of Scotland. Recently, I've relocated to Oslo, Norway for work and of course a new life.

Clearly the main purpose of writing geological software is to fund one's extra-curricular activities and holidays in some of the most fantastic locations on the planet. I spend as much of my spare time as possible caving, hiking, cycling and mountaineering both in the UK and wherever else I can get to.

This site
The main purpose of this site is to provide the information-age equivalent of a garage -  an out-of-the-way on a backwater of the Internet where I can stash all the stuff that, because I might need it one day, I can never bring myself to throw away. You know the kind of stuff - old washing machine motors, bits of useful code, and boxes full of nuts and bolts with obscure threads. More to the point, if I keep my stuff here, I won't need to take it with me when I move house next. Hopefully, you'll find what you're looking for here, and let me know if it was anything interesting or useful. 


Cool places and people
Off-road in Utah, mountaineering in Les Alpes, hiking in the Picos de Europa, and more...

Caving in the Yorkshire Dales
Cave discoveries, caving trips and caving equipment

Technology and 
Learn how to add sun and rain protection to your own differential GPS equipment

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