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On this page I am aiming to provide a comprehensive record of all the places I have lived since leaving home at the age of eighteen. I guess this is mostly of interest to those who knew me at the time I was living in this eclectic selection of abodes.

Lupton Flats, Headingley, Leeds. My first home away from home. I vaguely remember sharing a flat with four other people, none of whom I can remember the names of now.

There are places I'll remember,
All my life though some have changed,
Some forever not for better,
Some have gone and some remain

In my life - The Beatles

North Hill Road. A University owned house remarkably populated with entirely with female students and their live-in boyfriends, of which I became two.

James Baillie Flats, Headingley. If ever there were to be an award to the most inhospitable man-made environment outside of a nuclear reactor core, then these buildings would surely win it.  I recently heard a rumour that they were to be demolished. This was where I was supposed to be living whilst I was at North Hill Road.

Harold Walk. My first real rented house, shared during our second year at Leeds with Esther, Neil (who left to retrieve a ring from the bottom of a Finnish fjord) and Colin, the tallest man alive. This was fairly typical student slum housing - not that it did us any harm. The cellar in this house also had what is widely regarded to this day as the best caving tackle store the University of Leeds Speleological Association (ULSA) ever had. Being within striking distance of the Cardigan Arms was a major advantage.

Spring Grove View, Headingley, Leeds -  sharing with Esther and Colin. Although superficially similar this represented a real step-up from the property in Harold Walk. A far nicer interior with much better Landlords, however, the tackle-store in the cellar was probably inferior. A major benefit to this house was its proximity to the Queen's Hotel on Burley Road.

Refuge de la Vogealle, Haut Giffre, France on Le tour des Dents Blanches. My first field-season for my Ph.D.  Les Alpes. No permanent residence in the UK at the time. Jane is shown hear cooking outside the front of the refuge.

Sunset Drive, Meanwood, Leeds. My first experience of the joys of life in a bungalow. I was only here for about three months before finding somewhere superior. 

Dunstarn Gardens, Adel, Leeds - sharing with Andy and Alex. Most notable for its huge double-garage, enormous garden, large collection of pianos and unbelievable 1970s decor. I seem to remember the owners were in Australia at the time.

Trenic Drive, Headingley. I needed somewhere for six weeks before heading off to the Alps for fieldwork again so Sarah kindly put me up in her house. 

F590 VCX Vauxhall Astramax van largely parked at Le Fer a Cheval at the head in the Giffre valley upstream of Sixt. This was a three month field season, for which the van combined with a Supernova tent was our main base. Initially I was with Eric, and then later Esther. This van is currently the subject of a long term restoration project by a friend.

Cavendish Road, Guiseley, West Yorkshire. This large terraced house had the most unusual arrangement for the front living-room which we had to make available to the local Freemasons between 7 pm and 9 pm on the evening of the first Monday of every month, so they could enjoy a drink from the bar in the room. Despite this no invitation to join was forthcoming.

Wellesley Court, Ilkley, West Yorkshire. A welcome move to the up-market town of Ilkley, in Wharfedale. Andew Palmer  (a.k.a. Fantastic Night Riding Secret Mountain Biker Man) bought this modern town-house, and then needed somebody to live in it when he went off to New Zealand, which I happily did for almost three years whilst sharing with Adrian.

Wilton Drive, Glasgow. A change of job, and a change of country. The most remarkable aspect of this property was the Polaroid photos of the Belgian landlord and his girlfriend stuffed down the back of the wardrobe. Alas, city life was not for me and a return to countryside was in order...

Coming soon...

The cottage outside the Dunblane in mid-winter at Christmas 2000.

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