Pond surfing at A-basin

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These photos were taken on the 9th June 2001 at Arapahoe Basin in the Colorado Rockies. It was the penultimate day of open piste - but we weren't about to let a lack of snow spoil our fun.

Information :

These photographs were taken with a Canon EOS 500 with a 28 - 80 mm zoom lens with the camera in Sports mode. Each image was later scanned with a Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II and digitally enlarged and sharpened to create the smooth zoom effect seen in these photographs.

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t minus 3 seconds : With his speed rapidly increasing, the target comes into view.

t minus 2 seconds : "Main engines start". Our hero lines up for the final approach.

t minus 1 second : Now he's committed - no turning back!

Contact! Woo hoo!!

t plus 1 second : Still surfing after a whole second on the water - check out the spray trail in his wake...

t plus 2 seconds : Impact!! Can he handle it ?  Does he have enough speed ?

t plus 3 seconds : Ste loses it and fails to stay up on regaining terra-firma.

t plus 4 seconds : Elation - Can we do that again ?