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Using Nexenta Management View (NMV) with DHCP on NexentaStor

August 13th, 2011 No comments

In a word, don’t. Or if you do, configure your DHCP server to always lease the same address to your NexentaStor appliance.

A week ago I installed NexentaStor CE 3.1 on a new NAS server I have thrown together. Following the install last week, everything in the web-based GUI seemed to be working fine. Following the install and a few basic tests I shut down the server, knowing that I wouldn’t have time to get back to working with it for a while.

Fast forward one week to the next opportunity I get to configure my new server. Attempts to connect to the server over HTTP on port 2000 are met with a very long wait by the browser – several minutes are needed to display the main page, which is http://nas:2000/status/general/ and once I’m in there, some pages are dog slow whereas others are quite sprightly.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth on my part I discovered that the time since I last used the server was long enough for the DHCP lease to expire. My router duly handed out a new lease, albeit with a different address. Unfortunately, Nexenta had inserted it’s own hostname and the original IP address into its /etc/hosts file. Something in the NMV web GUI was causing a look-up here, and of course by this time my router had re-allocated the original Nexenta IP address to my wife’s iPhone.

The solution was two-fold. First of all edit /etc/hosts to contain the current IP address of the server, and secondly configure my router’s DHCP server to always dish out the same IP address to the NAS server. After a re-start everything is now working fine and it seems now seems possible that I’ll be able to use NexentaStor.

My faith isn’t quite restored though – NexentaStor 3.1 is a brand new release – and judging from the forums quite a few people have experienced problems with very long browser delays waiting for the NMV to respond. NexentaStor should work with DHCP out-of-the-box and DHCP lease expiry should be tested if Nexenta are claiming that this is an enterprise grade solution.

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